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Welcome! I am a PhD candidate in Computer Science at the Center for Language and Speech Processing at Johns Hopkins University. My research is focused on unsupervised and semi-supervised machine translation, bilingual lexicon induction, multilingual representation learning, and efficient NLP. I am advised by Philipp Koehn.

Prior to JHU, I completed an MPhil in Advanced Computer Science at Christ’s College, University of Cambridge. My thesis advisor was Helen Yannakoudakis. I was employed at Google, Inc. in Mountain View, CA from 2013-2017 where I was a Web Solutions Engineer (2015-2017) and Support Specialist for gTech Ads, where I led automation efforts for North America (2013-2015). I returned to Google in Summer 2020 as an intern at Google Translate. Previously, I completed an Ed.M. in Mind, Brain, and Education at Harvard University, and a B.A. in Psychology/Sociology and French (minor) at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA.


I’m on the job market for industry research scientist positions.
Please email me with opportunities!
(address is in my publications.)

Feb 2023: Talks at George Mason University (8 Feb) and the Artificial Intelligence Society at Johns Hopkins (22 Feb)

December 2022: Two papers to-appear at EMNLP in Abu Dhabi:

   IsoVec: Controlling the Relative Isomorphism of
     Word Embedding Spaces

   Kelly Marchisio, Neha Verma, Kevin Duh, Philipp Koehn

   Bilingual Lexicon Induction for Low-Resource Languages using
     Graph Matching via Optimal Transport

   Kelly Marchisio, Ali Saad-Eldin, Kevin Duh, Carey Priebe, Philipp Koehn

October 2022: I am honored to have been named an Amazon Fellow!

Summer 2022: I will be interning at FAIR in London, UK with Mikel Artetxe.

More about me

In my non-CS life, I’m a classically-trained soprano and was a Choral Scholar at Christ’s College, Cambridge. I’ve had fun singing acappella through the years – with Google MTV’s Googapella (2014-2017), the Common Chords at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Sweet Ophelia at Franklin & Marshall College.

Apart from singing, I enjoy vegetable gardening – and if “trying new foods” can be considered a hobby, then it’s certainly one of favorites!